Free PSN Games – September 2018

Free games of September 2018 on PlayStation Plus: PS4, PS Vita and PS3

Sony has already announced which games will be delivered to users subscribed to PlayStation Plus during the month of September. If you are one of them and want to know what you will receive for free next month, here is a list of all the free PSN games available on PlayStation 3 and PS4.

Let’s start showing the official video with all the releases. Next, we’ll list the free games available on PlayStation 4 and finish with the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. The games will be available from September, and with them Sony adds a total of 72.96 euros.

Free games for PS4

Now present the list of all the games you can get for PlayStation 4 in September, as long as you have a PlayStation Plus account.

  • Destiny 2, exclusive on PSN. Lead the fight to take home the forces of the Red Legion and its commander Ghaul, who took the last city and took its powers from its guardians. Analysis in Extra Life.

    • God of war III: remastered. valued at 34.99 euros. If in the first two games you have encountered great enemies, rivers of blood and epic moments, what God of War III offers are bigger enemies, blood oceans and more epic moments. No more no less. And this is your remastered version. Analysis in Extra Life.

    • Petoons party, worth 19.99 euros. Developed by the Spanish studio Petoons Studio within the PlayStation Talents program. A fun party game to help the friendly explorers called Petoons save their island from the evil that is hiding.


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PS Vita and PS3 games

And then we go with the games that you can get for free on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita if you have PlayStation Plus. Keep in mind that Sony has announced that it will no longer offer free games for these consoles as of March 2019, so enjoy the last twelve installments you still have ahead.

    • Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition, valued at 7.99 euros. An essential adventure for the PS3 to understand the world of videogames, being one of the most notable references of the technique of rotoscopia and the use of a more cinematographic language to accompany a more classic development, more platform. And in an unknown world.

    • QUBE Director’s Cut, valued at 9.99 euros. A puzzle game for PS3 in first person in which you manipulate the environment that surrounds you to enter a mysterious giant cube that moves through space at full speed to Earth and destroys it from within before the end of life in our planet.

    • Foul play, classified in 9.99. Put yourself in the place of demon hunter Baron Dashforth in this cooperative platform game organized in the fascinating one-piece show for PS Vita.

  • Sparkle 2, valued at 6.99. A puzzle game for PS Vita in which you have to play balls to undo chains of colored balls that approach you before they reach the center.

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